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Roasted Artichokes in oil

The production of our vegetables is done with the utmost respect for the ancient traditions and peasant recipes. Particular attention is paid to the collection of raw materials, which takes place only at the right maturity and is completed with a meticulous selection of products. Our artichokes, once picked and carefully selected, so as to use only the smallest, are grilled on lava stones and seasoned, according to tradition, with wine vinegar, salt, parsley and chilli. They are then placed, strictly by hand, in glass containers and covered with oil. Full body and consistency of the final product, together with the unmistakable flavor, are the characteristics that we all recognize.


Artichokes, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, salt, oregano, chilli, garlic


Full-bodied, consistent, roasted according to ancient traditions and preserved in oil


Italy, Southern regions


Sweet taste, for appetizers, side dishes, pasta dishes, sauces


290 gr. net weight 180 gr. drained mass


12 Pieces