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Buckwheat soup and legumes

Legume and cereal soups are a healthy and nutritious meal, to be enjoyed cold or hot all year round.<br /> Legumes and cereals are an excellent meal, part of the Mediterranean diet. Soups are a valid alternative to meat, an ideal meal for vegans and vegetarians.<br /> Our ready-made soups are ideal for office lunches or when you don't have time, to enjoy a healthy and balanced meal.


Legumes in variable proportions: borlotti beans, cannellini beans, lentils, chickpeas (55%), water, buckwheat, carrots, tomato sauce, celery, extra virgin olive oil, dried tomatoes, salt, onion, marjoram, oregano, garlic . All the mentioned ingredients are organic.


Dense and tasty like homemade


Italy, Organic Certified Chain


350 gr net weight


12 pieces