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Organic extra virgin olive oil

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the simple pressing of the whole, fresh and healthy olives of the area south of Salerno, through a mechanical process that categorically excludes the use of chemicals. This process occurs cold, preserving all the characteristics of the oil; the milling, among the most important phases of the process, still uses granite millstones, which ensure the best preparation of the “olive paste.``<br /> The Extra Virgin Olive Oil D’Oliva, Vivandera, 100% Italian organic, is the result of a perfect balance between traditions, respect for the environment and technology. Olives, mainly from the Rotondella variety, are harvested by hand, in the uncontaminated areas of Cilento and throughout the area south of Salerno.


Rotondella olives variety


Clear, fruity smell of cold oil extraction


Italy, Organic Certified Chain


To be used raw to flavor any dish


50 cl


6 Pieces