Filosofia Mediterranea


The tomato is the symbol of our history and our culture, it has the characteristic of being cultivated in the south of Italy, between Campania and Puglia and of being transformed after a few hours of harvesting, in order to leave its scent and its fragrance unaltered. freshness.


Slow drying bronze drawn Gragnano PGI pasta


Our oil is born from the simple pressing of the olives, intact, fresh and healthy from the area south of Salerno, through a mechanical process that categorically excludes the use of chemical substances.

In oil

The production of our pickles takes place with the utmost respect for ancient traditions and peasant recipes.


Our ready-made organic sauces are made with fresh, organic and high quality ingredients, all strictly of Italian origin.


Soups are a healthy and nutritious meal that can be enjoyed cold or hot all year round.